Are you familiar with Temple Sinai’s “Caring Community?” This committee is the embodiment of what makes TSG so beloved by our congregation – the warmth with which we regard one another and the desire to support and celebrate each other.
Caring Community supports fellow temple members who are ill, bereaved, or in need of extra assistance or encouragement. Our goal is to help with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of congregants to the greatest extent possible.
TSG’s Caring Community offers:
• Preparation/delivery of meals to those who are ill, injured, or in mourning
• Set up for post-funeral or Shiva meals
• Zoom and/or home visits for the homebound
• Hospital visits (post pandemic/vaccination clearance)
• Remembrance cards at the one year anniversary of a loss
• Supplying words of love/mazel tov in times of celebration
• Helping to supply resources when needs go beyond the scope of the committee

If you are in need, reaching out to Caring Community is easy and confidential. Just contact any individual on the following list whom you feel comfortable speaking with

Carol Cornell, Caring Community Co-Chair or 425-770-0913
Jan Sway, Caring Community Co-Chair or 818-749-2906
Rabbi Rick Schechter or 818-246-8101 (ext. 102)
Susan Hain, Project & Accounting Manager or 818-246-8101 (ext. 106) 

Finally, Caring Community is only as strong as the temple members who support and run it. If you are a caring individual who would like to help, contact Carol or Jan via their contact information above. Thank you!