Temple Sinai of Glendale seeks to nurture a commitment to Judaism through hands-on experiences, Jewish practices, and Torah to understand the traditions of our people while addressing issues in the contemporary world. We provide a foundation of Jewish literacy, embrace our different connections to God through tefillah, and strengthen responsible and thoughtful religious and ethical choices based on knowledge of Jewish values, traditions, and history.

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Overview of Programs:
My Family and Me
A program of once-a-month workshops on Jewish holidays and other important Jewish themes is available to three and four year olds accompanied by at least one parent or grandparent.

Religious School

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Sunday religious school classes are available for students in kindergarten through seventh grade. Curricula are designed around specific Judaic topics that vary for different grades.
Hebrew School
Hebrew education typically begins in fourth grade. Our Hebrew curriculum comes from Behrman House, the world’s largest publisher of Jewish educational materials. Its focus is fluent reading and comprehension of the basic prayer service.
Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah
Students prepare for Bar or Bat Mitzvah over several years through the regular Hebrew and Religious School curricula, and during the Bar or Bat Mitzvah year they attend an additional special class. Each Bar or Bat Mitzvah student also receives several hours of private tutoring.
Students in eighth through tenth grades attend Metivta, our high school program leading to Confirmation. Students select four quarter-long courses each year. Tenth graders prepare their own service of Confirmation.
Adult Education
Many opportunities for Adult Education and Family Education occur throughout the year.
For all our school information, visit the “Information & Registration” page.

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