Racial Justice

Beginning in 2021, our religious school holds an annual Journey Toward Racial Justice where we discuss and explore issues of racial justice with our K-10 students.

We are a community ambassador for Glendale’s annual Martin Luther King Jr Peace Walk, a witness to our passion to continue Dr. King’s work of justice right here in our city until every resident has peace, security and stability, to be held on Memorial Day weekend. For more information about the walk: https://glendalepeacewalk.wordpress.com/

We are proud members of the Coalition for an Anti-Racist Glendale, a community collective dedicated to creating a more just and equitable Glendale by 2027 by advancing systemic change in five key areas: housing, employment, education, justice and health.

For more information about the Coalition:


Contact: Zack Gershen at zackgershen@gmail.com