Judaism understands that we can improve the world through a sacred partnership with God: Tikkun Olam  or “repairing the world.” The Social Action Committee guides our congregation as it pursues this goal through education, advocacy and gemilut chasadim, “acts of loving kindness.”


At Temple Sinai everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the important projects the Social Action committee organizes. We encourage you to learn more and get involved!



During the pandemic SAC has been focused on the needs of seniors and those who live alone in our congregation. This has involved phone calls to congregants, delivery of prayer books and holiday goodies and networking to be sure our members are supported.

  • Buddy System – Strengthening our community by finding connections between our congregants that will bring us closer together
  • The Resiliency Series – a once a week online class that will cultivate your emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual resilience


Our Social Action Committee meets monthly for advocacy around a number of issues important to the members of our congregation. Everyone is welcome, so please check the temple calendar (link) and attend the next SAC meeting to learn more!

Contact: Carol Cornell carolcornell@me.com


Please click here to learn more about our many programs.

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